What's New ? (2003)

Updated Bury The Hatchet (New Model Army) guitar chords thanks to Jean-Francois Lagardere
Transcribed Liberator (Spear of Destiny) bass tab
Added Modern Times (New Model Army) guitar tab provided by Neilska
07/09/2003 Opened a Spear of Destiny section
Transcribed The Wheel (Spear of Destiny) bass tab
Added Bad Old Word (New Model Army) guitar tab provided by Neilska
24/08/2003 Transcribed Legion (Theatre of Hate) bass tab
29/06/2003 Transcribed Omen of the Times (Theatre of Hate) bass tab
28/06/2003 The Gothic Tab Archive is celebrating its 5th anniversary on the Web !!
26/06/2003 Updated Watchman (Fields of the Nephilim) guitar tab thanks to Macrohead
07/05/2003 Fixed some bad links in Theatre of Hate tab page
29/03/2003 Transcribed The Wake (Theatre of Hate) bass tab
16/03/2003 Transcribed Incinerator (Theatre of Hate) bass tab
23/02/2003 Updated some bass tabs by The Cure thanks to Brian Wicked transcriptions :
  • 17 seconds
  • Fire in Cairo
  • Three Imaginary Boys
  • 25/01/2003 Happy New Year to all !
    Transcribed  Flying Scotsman (Theatre of Hate) bass tab

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