What's New ? (2000)

19/11/2000 Transcribed Glass bass tab by Joy Division
29/10/2000 Transcribed Exercise One and The Sound of Music bass tabs by Joy Division
23/10/2000 Added 18 new New Model Army guitar chords, courtesy of Juergen Bohn's New Model Army SongBook page.
22/10/2000 Transcribed The Days of Pearly Spencer bass tab by David McWilliams
18/09/2000 Transcribed Ice Age bass tab by Joy Division
27/08/2000 Transcribed Three Imaginary Boys bass tab by The Cure
26/08/2000 Updated GnTabber software (v1.4) and added a beautiful logo to it (the logo was created by my friend Arnaud)
Sanity Assassin guitar tab by Bauhaus has been improved thanks to Brenn Combs
30/07/2000 Transcribed Love Like Blood bass tab by Killing Joke
Fix a minor bug in GnRhythmFinder software (v1.0.1)
23/07/2000 Transcribed Play For Today bass tab by The Cure
Updated the links page : fix broken links and added new ones.
17/06/2000 Updated GnTabber software (v1.3) to handle effects
Added Dark Entries, Crowds and Double Dare Bauhaus guitar tabs provided by Brenn Combs
Added a lot of The Cult guitar transcriptions provided by Israel S. in the Miscellaneous section
Added Do You Believe in the Westworld by Theatre of Hate and The Drowning by Christian Death provided by Brenn Combs
05/02/2000 Updated GnTabber software (v1.2)to handle chords
16/01/2000 Updated GnTabber software to handle both bass and guitar
09/01/2000 Added Boys Bauhaus guitar tab provided by Brenn Combs
Added my free musical software in my home page. I hope this software will help you writing tabs...
Transcribed (or fixed existing transcriptions for) Joy Division bass lines :
  • She's lost control
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Day Of The Lord
  • 04/01/2000 Put some nice frames to the Gothic Tab Archive main page
    02/01/2000 Happy New Year !
    Added a link to my home page in which you will find musical software of my own and some (non gothic) bass transcriptions I did
    Transcribed the bass line of "Candidate" by Joy Division

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