I. Gothic Music Information

II. Guitar & Bass Transcriptions

III. Some friends of mine Home Pages

  • Globz : My old army mate Olivier is working on Flash, 3D, interactivity...
  • Retouche Gratuite : My new band (pop/rock oriented)
  • Météo Marine : My former band with whom I made a -not yet terminated- CD
  • Hiatus : My former gothic band, including an history of all my even former bands (Asbe Abi, Time4Pastis)
  • Le Coin de l'Aède Chenu : My Daddy's Web Page dedicated to Poetry
  • Aldona : A talented polish singer in Paris
  • Arno : A good old friend of mine (Time4Pastis and Hiatus guitarist). Its site includes some songs lyrics, information on Nevers city and a revolutionnary Software Company simulation game
  • La Souche : Tourism in Central France (maintained by my cousin Pierre-Marie)
  • Michel Mohr's Pages Persos : The complete life of Michel, a young promising executive who chose to retire at 32 (but came back to work at 33). Its site includes a daily witty chronicle (in French), unfortunately no longer updated...

    IV. Sport

  • Fédération Française de Volley-Ball : Volley Ball in France
  • FIVB Homepage : Volley Ball all over the World
  • Volley Club Plaisir Villepreux : My Volley Ball club
  • V. Miscellaneous

  • Le Pariscope : Activities in Paris
  • Free : My Internet provider with its Linux mirror !
  • The Planeric Project : 3D-engine project still under development