GnTabber Download

A. Download

Retrieve last version of gntabber in compressed format by clicking on the icon below :

After download is done, follow the installation steps to install the software properly.

B. Changes Log

Version 2.3
  • support TclTk 8.3 (backward compatibility)
  • add warning message in case "Play" or "Generate" is attempted prior to defining Midi settings
  • fix windows title
  • add copy/paste/cut facilities in text buffers with "traditional" shortcuts Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v/Ctrl-x
  • support undo mechanism in text buffers through Ctrl-z (TclTk 8.4 or higher only)
Version 2.2
  • add "Midi Export" facility
Version 2.1
  • support tempo definition in gntab file (@tempo <Value> keyword)
Version 2.0
  • Add Midi Playing feature
  • Integrate user manual in html format
  • Play/generate tab only for the selected region if there is a selection in the gntab buffer
  • Fix tab generation for : q+e q+e q
  • Support more instruments : 7 strings guitars, 5 strings basses, ...
Version 1.6
  • Fix a bar length computation in order to properly respects page width in the tab layout
  • Add "page height" option in order that bars do not overlap at the end of a page
15/04/2001  Version 1.5
  • Fix a tab formatting problem with a10e3 e3 e3 e3 e3 e3
  • Highlight errors in source file when tab generation fails
  • Add icon in gif, xpm and bmp format in the distribution
27/08/2000  Version 1.4
  • Support release effect '~'
  • Notations insertion with '@ins notations'
  • Note length is now limited to 15 chars
  • Effects are written on the same string as the note that follows with no space
23/07/2000  Version 1.3.1
  • Add automatic signature at the end of the generated tab
17/06/2000  Version 1.3
  • Support effects (hammer on, pull off, slides and bend) and appogiatures
  • Fix definition of tab text windows so that they are resized when the main window is resized
  • Add an Options menu to select the output tab page width
  • Handle a config file ($HOME/.gntabber.cfg under linux) in which page width and selected instrument (bass or guitar) are automatically stored and retrieved
05/02/2000  Version 1.2
  • Support chords (more than one note per duration)
15/01/2000  Version 1.1
  • Support both Bass and Guitar tabs
09/01/2000  Version 1.0
  • First Release

C. Requests and future changes

  • Support chords definition in header and use of these definitions in tabs

  • Please send questions, comments and suggestions to

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