My Tcl/Tk soft that guesses rhythm by typing on the keyboard.


A. Manual

1) Select "Reset Recording"

2) Play the riff many times in the Pad Zone by striking any key

3) Fill in the parameters (nb of times you played the riff, nb of bars in the riff and time signature)

4) Select "Analyze"

5) The rhythm is shown in a window (together with the computed tempo)

B. Installation

1) Download last version of GnRhythmFinder in compressed format (gnrf.tar.gz)

2) Unzip the GnRhythmFinder in the directory you want it to be installed

  • For Linux/Unix users :
  • cd /home/gilles/GnRhythmFinder
  • gunzip < gnrf.tar.gz | tar xvf - (or tar -xzf gnrf.tar.gz)
  • For Windows 95/98/NT users :
  • use Winzip to extract gnrf.tcl from the compressed archive and install it in c:\Gnrf for instance
  • 3) Install Tcl/Tk if you do not already have it

  • For Linux/Unix users : Tcl/Tk should already been installed (it is by default in any Linux distribution). Nevertheless you can retrieve the latest version here.
  • For Windows 95/98/Nt Users : You Can Retrieve Latest Version Of Tcl/Tk For Windows here.
  • For Mac users : You Can Retrieve Latest Version Of Tcl/Tk For MacOS here.
  • 4) You can now run the GnRhythmFinder

  • For Linux/Unix users : make sure that gnrf.tcl is executable (otherwise use chmod a+x gnrf.tcl) and just type gnrf.tcl ina shell window.
  • For Windows 95/98/NT users : just double click on gnrf.tcl in the Explorer
  • C. Changes Log

    Version 1.2
    Show warning message if analyze button is pushed prior to any recording
    13/03/2005 Version 1.1
    Add Tempo computation in the output
    30/07/2000 Version 1.0.1
    Fix a bug with "q3" duration
    09/01/2000 Version 1.0
    First Release

    D. Requests and future changes

    Please send questions, comments and suggestions to me

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